The correct sit up and what not to be doing.

Person doing push up

Recently a patient said to me “Can you believe a friend of mine did his back doing sit-ups?”

When I asked if his mate did the sit-ups with his feet locked underneath something he agreed that’s how he thought he had done it. Now, abdominal crunches are one of the easiest and best postural strengthening exercises, but if you lock your feet when you’re doing them it’s very risky. The reason is that a muscle called Psoas Major, which makes our hip bend up, is also attached to the front of your lumber spine bones.

It also pulls the spine toward the hip if your feet are locked under something.If you have an unstable spinal disc, there is potential for this type of crunch to hurt you. I recommend you don’t stop your crunches, but keep your knees bent and your feet free.

Exercises, Exercises, Exercises

At least weekly I see a new client who says to me: “I’ve never had this type of treatment before”, despite having seen one or more physios previously. Now, of course exercises have great value in assisting people to improve and maintain a condition, but when a joint is not moving properly, manual therapy is much more effective in addressing the problem

Our treatment always involves manual therapy of various methods, principally aimed at increasing the range of movement. It is a time honoured Physiotherapy approach with proven effectiveness and one which we have had decades of success with.